In providing a challenging learning environment Neerim South Primary School staff plan a vigorous academic curriculum, which is geared to ensure the best possible education for each of our students.

Our staff are committed to providing a healthy, nurturing environment that builds character and invokes pride in self, school and community.

Neerim South Primary School continually takes steps to improve the condition of education for all our students.

We have long-standing partnerships with both parents and our community, which has proven to be a highly successful and rewarding association. These partnerships improve the way teachers are prepared, the way schools operate and ultimately the way we perform. Such joint ventures also positively impact on our students performance.



Programs we offer at Neerim South Primary School are in line with the Victorian Curriculum Framework the ‘Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). The VELS outine what is essential for all Victorian students to learn during their time at school from Prep to Year 10. They provide a set of common state wide standards which schools use to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.

The VELS is based on best practice in Victorian schools and draws on national and international research about how students learn.



Literacy Intervention

Our literacy intervention program, predominantly in Grade 1, is conducted for students in need of additional assistance in reading and writing skills. Our students remain on our program until they are assessed as ready to manage the classroom program at an appropiate level. We have experienced a high level of success in enabling students to increase their literacy skills to achieve the required standard through this particular program.



At Neerim South Primary School we have developed a whole school pedagogy in Numeracy based on Michael Ymeras mathematical research that caters for individual needs. Our daily one hour Numeracy block has ensured that targeted, focussed teaching occurs. The use of the Numeracy Interview, On Demand and ACER testing data has enhanced and supported these strategies.



Science is an integral part of life and as such, Neerim South Primary School is pleased to offer it to Foundation through to Grade 6 students. It lends itself to inquiry based learning which motivates and inspires natural curiosity and the ongoing quest to know more. The Science program takes a cross curriculum approach throughout the year, incorporating a wide range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Technology and Art. There are many links to the curriculum priorities also, with attention given to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and sustainability. We also aim to work collaboratively with parents, carers and the community to share the skills, knowledge and involvement so we welcome contributions and participation from the wider community. As a subject in its own right, Science encourages students to think in a critical and creative manner, enables them to question and investigate the world around them, explain hypotheses and findings and draw evidence-based conclusions after applying scientific methods. If students are encouraged to pursue their interests and curiosity they will hopefully continue to seek new learning and applications.


Information Communication Technology / eLearning

At Neerim South Primary School, we value the benefits that technology offers and work hard to ensure all of our staff and students are skilled in the use of computers. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has become such an integral part of our daily lives and at our school it is used as a tool to enrich and enhance our students learning experiences in all areas.

Our students have easy and ready access to a growing number of electronic and multimedia resources. We have complemented our very high ratio of computers to students with a 1:1 laptop program for Grade 6, five trolleys of laptop computers for others and twenty iPad3’s available for use by all our students.The latest multimedia computer network technology is available to all students throughout our many learning spaces, as well as within our shared classrooms.

Emerging digital technologies allow Neerim South Primary School students to gather knowledge from others on a global basis and share their experience.Our students are able to work at their own pace and personalise their learning.


Chinese Language

Our Language Other Than English is Chinese (Mandarin).

Neerim South Primary School, along with our partner schools in the Tarago Education Community (TEC), share two native speaking Mandarin teachers, Mr Yichen (Jason) Zhao. Our students learn about China and its people as well as something of the official language of the country. Our children enjoy using their language skills in games, conversations and role plays. Excursions, Cultural days and special performers will be used to add interest and life to the program. Neerim South Primary School, as a member of the Tarago Education Community, has a sister school in China, Taqian PS, located in Changshu Province.



Performing Arts

The Neerim South Primary School Performance is a bi-annual event involving all students from prep to grade 6, and is integrated into the Specialist and normal classroom programs at our school. A theme is chosen for each bi-ennial performance and students showcase their skills in dance, music, singing or drama through performance pieces that have been developed collaboratively with specialist staff and their class room teacher. Students also design and create their own costume items, props and sets for these performances. The Neerim South Primary School Performance is a huge event on our bi-ennial school calendar and one that is highly valued by students and their proud parents, staff and the wider school community.

Visual Arts
Artist In Schools Program

This year, through the Artists In Schools Program, our students are lucky to be able to work with local artist Laurie Collins as they develop their contributions to the Bower Bird Project.


Chaplaincy Program

The Neerim South Primary School Chaplaincy program commenced in October 2007 and is now an integral part of our school.

Our Chaplin, Mr Lance Ewing, helps provide an environment in which Neerim South Primary School students, staff and school families are supported and nurtured. His role compliments our school values of Respect, Teamwork, Learning and Perseverance.


Vegetable Gardens

At Neerim South Primary School our students have access to ten gardens. They are able to tend to these gardens during recess and lunchtimes, as well as in class time during science lessons.



The library at Neerim South Primary School is open to all students and staff. The library has a large and diverse range of recreational reading for our students and up-to-date resources to support the school curriculum.

Each grade visits our library for one hour a week as part of the school timetable. During that time, students choose reading materials, use the interactive smart board and work with their teacher.

Apart from scheduled visits our students are free to visit our library at any time as it is a part of the magnificent open learning areas of Neerim South Primary and so never closed. Helen Collins and our staff aim to foster a love of literature and reading in all our students.


Bike Education

At Neerim South Primary School our Bicycle Education Program is compulsory for all students from grades 4 to 6. The program runs each year in term 4 for 2 weeks.

Our grade 4 students spend their time learning road rules and bicycle competence by riding around a number of courses and intersections within the school grounds. Our grade 5 and 6 students begin their course in the school yard but move out into the tourist car park and then onto the road once they are competent.

Our students learn road rules, how to ride correctly on the road through roundabouts and intersections. They develop excellent riding skills through practice on the Bike Ed challenge course set up in the car park in front of our school.This involves riding slowly, tight turns, over and under beams, slalom and straight riding with scanning.

Our Grade 6 Bike Ed program culminates in a bike ride around Neerim South. Grade 6 students also undertake an individual road test at the end of their program.


Camps, Excursions and Incursions

Camps, incursions and excursions form a very important part of the Neerim Primary School program. It is important that all students participate as these activities are usually organised to supplement or enhance class programs with class work being done before and after the event. These types of activities also develop social skills.

Our camping and excursion program builds upon prior experiences and aims to support students in the length of time away from home.