Our School


We are a mid sized family orientated school, in the West Gippsland rural township of Neerim South. Our school develops values, attitudes, knowledge and skills enabling our students to become life long learners. Self motivated, enthusiastic and articulate learners, who embrace their future as optimistic, respectful, contributing members of their local and global communities.



Neerim South Primary School No. 2432

Neerim South Primary School was officially opened on the 22nd of September, 1881, with Mary D. Cowan appointed the first Head Teacher.The original school site was just north of the township, near the location of the current town water storage. A new school was erected on the present site in 1909.This building is still in existence.



Rebecca Williams - Principal

Principal since 29 Jan 2024.

Business Manager

Debbie Beck

Grade F R

Naomi Robb (Jacqui Holland, Elise Yuill)

Grade 12G

Susan Goetz Natasha Brown (Thursday) (Holly Dubois)

Grade 12S

Leillah Strating, (Linda Doyle)

Grade 3/4A

Amanda Harrington (Nathan Jarvis)

Grade 4/5H

Glenn Heath (Joseph Collins)

Grade 5/6B

Michael Beamish (Genine Tangipo/Susan Moss)

Learning Specialist

Helen Collins (Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri)

Mathematical Reasoning and Problem Solving (MRPS)

Helen Collins (Mon)


Christina Duncan (Tues/Wed)

Physical Education

Megan Parker (Tues/Thurs)


Natasha Brown (Tues/Wed)

Welfbeing Co-ordinator

Cheryl Anstis (Mon-Thurs)

Education support officers:

e-Learning: Darren Freeman, Andrew Malycha (Wedensday morning)

PSD Student / Inclusion Support Officers:
Jacqui Holland, Susan Moss, Joseph Collins, Linda Doyle, Genine Tangipo, Holly Dubois, Nathan Jarvis, Elise Yuill

Library Support (F-6): Christina Duncan

Buildings/Grounds Maintenance Darren Freeman



Our school is located on the Neerim Main Road in a residential area of Neerim South and has been an integral part of the local community for over one hundred and thirty years. Our amazing new Grade 3 – 6 Learning Centre is a building of innovative architectural design and now the hub of our school. It provides access to four modern classrooms, a variety of smaller learning areas, library, offices, staff workspaces and storage, as well as two fantastic large outdoor learning areas.

All buildings throughout the school have disabled access.

Multi Court

Our latest multi use sporting facility that allows our students to participate in a variety of different sports on synthetic grass.


We have picturesque, well maintained, spacious and shady playgrounds with ample student seating and play equipment.

Netball / Tennis Court

Throughout the day our students have the use of two international standard netball and tennis courts situated in the Recreation Reserve adjoining the bottom of our grounds.

Orana Community Centre

This wonderful user friendly building was school designed, voluntary project managed and built through funds received from the federally funded “Investing in Schools” program, along with great community generosity and business partnerships, in 2007-08.


We jointly own, with our neighbouring Neerim District Secondary College, a large centrally-located indoor stadium, hosting indoor sports, our Active After School Communities program, sports clinics, incursions, dancing and basketball.


Student Leadership

Opportunities for students to participate in school wide decision making is highly valued at Neerim South Primary School. This opportunity is provided to our students through the following :-

School Captains

It is the role of the Neerim South Primary School Captains to ensure they set a positive example for all students. They also are responsible for running assemblies each Friday, and ensuring all visitors to the school are shown around and aware of the positive aspects of Neerim South Primary School. The School Captains are active members of the Junior School Council and work alongside the House Captains to ensure all sports days are successful and enjoyable for all participants.

Junior School Council

All classes from grades 3-6 elect a male and female representative to Junior School Council at the beginning of each year. Two students from grade 6 are elected by the staff and students to be Junior School Council Leaders. Our two elected School Captains assist these leaders in conducting the meetings. The students are encouraged to raise student ideas and concerns and to negotiate ways of solving these. Our Junior School Council is also involved in raising funds for various charities and school defined projects and organising activities for fellow students.

Student Assemblies

All students in leadership positions are given the opportunity to organise and run Friday Assemblies. This leadership role provides students with the skills of organisation, planning, and public speaking. Parents and visitors are most welcome to attend these student run assemblies between 2:50pm – 3:15pm, each Friday fortnightly.

School House Program

The house program at Neerim South Primary School aims to develop a sense of community and team within our broader school environment. Throughout the year, our students have the opportunity to participate in activities and competitions for their house. Students in Year 6 also have the opportunity to be selected as captains for their house as part of our student leadership program.

Activities Program

Students have the opportunity to develop and implement lunch time activities for their fellow students. These activities may involve sport, craft or other interest based passions.

Bus Captain

A significant number of students travel from outlying areas to our school by government provided buses. The three buses that pick up and drop off our students have one of our senior students as a bus captain.